white rose

For those of you who find yourselves reading this, WELCOME!

TOGETHER we are all moving closer to re-awakening a frequency and vibration that is effortless, rich in wisdom, humble, compassionate, loving, and a constant expression of truth.

Together we are shifting from one collective consciousness to another. One that is based in unity, acceptance, and love.

Together we are co-creating new and wonderful experiences, opportunities and quite simply a better life.

Workshops are designed to empower you, with insight and tools to make positive changes in life enhancing health, joy and wellbeing.

All workshops can be tailored to group requirements, and a combination of different workshops is possible.

Teens are WELCOME!

I am happy to travel to your home or a venue for groups of 3 or more people, workshops can be booked in the UK and internationally. Prices vary depending on location.

Pick and choose from:

  • Meditations
  • Chakras, Rays of Light
  • Sacred flames
  • Know thyself
  • Present moment awareness
  • Self-love
  • Burning ceremony
  • Death and rebirth ceremony
  • Anxiety
  • Self-confidence
  • Conscious decision making
  • Purposefulness
  • Mantras

“Dear Petra

I want to take the time again today to say thank you for a lovely ‘Self Love’ Retreat Day. I left feeling lighter and filled with excitement (a happy butterfly feeling in my solar plexus).

Your light and energy, being totally present how you are and being your authentic self, created the space and holding for me to feel comfortable and at ease. This enabled me to speak and open up with confidence, which is something I don’t normally do in group situations. The explanations were clear and the seven steps pulled together threads into a coherent whole that made total sense. The time and care you spent creating the space with beauty and nourishing gifts showed the love and care you had given to the day.

My daffodils are now next to my diffuser filled with rose oil and some rose quartz crystal so I can carry the energy of self-love into my evening.

Gratitude and blessings.”