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1~1 Sessions, Workshops, Courses and Uplifting Art, all inspired and created to help you on your Spiritual Journey

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is simply being well in all forms and ways that you can imagine. It’s a holistic approach to life.

In my work everything is included, the mind, the body, the soul, and the emotions. I do my best to illuminate the highest potential in human experience.

The inner journey is all about exploration through your soul’s expansion, expression, and experience.

As a crystalline conduit for unity consciousness, I came here to help humanity to remember their sovereignty and the infinite power in freedom, love, prosperity, beauty, health, creativity, and happiness that they carry within.

I came here to remind Souls that they do have a choice and a bountiful free will.



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Are You Ready to Explore..?

“Petra is an amazing light worker and healer who comes totally from the heart centre… able to channel healing and information that is specific to each individual. The work is neither a quick fix nor a sticking plaster over a wound, it goes much deeper than that – to the root of the issue, to face it and heal once and for all. If you are ready and prepared to go deep within and heal, then I cannot recommend Petra highly enough. It is a joy to be held in her safe, loving embrace.”


How can my work assist you…

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Together we are currently shifting to a new collective consciousness, one based in unity, acceptance, and love. Together we are co-creating new and wonderful experiences, opportunities and quite simply a better life.

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One-to-One Sessions

Would you like to deepen your connection to your inner rhythm, harmony, peace, and passion? Working together I will guide you to gently work with yourself through self-love and compassion.

Illusion to the Seer Acrylic Painting

Uplifting Transformational Art

Working with colours, with light and light codes is something I truly love. I share the Rays of the Rose Light with all paintings, and with the intention of unconditional love I place crystals around them. It is a truly beautiful process.

Your course has been nothing short of indispensable…

Your course has led me to consciously sending out frequency pulses. Root to heart to right side of brain then pulse release. Your course has been nothing short of indispensable at this time, so much came through your healing and meditations to help me in the now.

Claire Harris

Artwork to uplift and inspire you



This painting will assist you on your journey to Self realization.

The Higher Heart

The Higher Heart

Open your higher heart and see your life through eyes of an empowered creator

Breath of Life

Breath of Life

Awaken your sleepy DNA memories and connect deeper with your cosmic blueprint

Unconditional Love…

“Listening to Petra’s words whilst explaining the Hologram of emotions really triggered a release within me. As silent tears began to fall, wave upon wave of unconditional love came rolling in and around me.”

Susan White

What kind of world do you want to live in?

Looking at all the layers within us, the light and the dark, the physical and the non-physical brings us vibrationally to the balance and alignment for our highest potential. When you really value yourself and you know your own worth the whole Universe has to reflect that back to you.

Human beings are here to feel things into being through the heart centre not think things into being through the mind only. We basically need to reprogram and retrain the way we create.

Many of us created from lack, limitation, and manipulation for 1000s of years. Most people are unaware of their creation completely. There is strong unconsciousness at play.

Becoming aware of your choices, of how you chose, of who you are is very important.

The inventory of the energetic blockages pays off, I promise. Once you get it, it becomes a second nature.

Where do energetic blockages in our body come from?

    • They can take root from all parallel or current relationship you hold with yourself
    • Your blueprint (or a plan) you wanted to experience, accomplish, or transcend
    • From your lineage

    Mastery is awareness how one feels, allowing that and then choosing how one prefers to feel.

    The stronger you become in your truth, the gentler you will be.


    It’s not about being perfect here, it’s about accepting all feelings and connections. That’s expansion. Experiencing contrast in all things and choosing your responses with awareness is the way of the Master. Unconditional love is in all hearts. All we need to do is ‘remember’.

    A powerful healer and activator for physical, emotional and soul wellbeing…

    “Having had the honour to work with Petra I can honestly say she is the kindest, sweetest and most generous soul, who brings through powerful loving frequencies. Whether you choose to work with Petra 1:1 or in a group, she gives 100% of her loving presence and energy… to rebalance, transform and heal. I highly recommend sessions with Petra she is a powerful healer and activator for physical, emotional and soul wellbeing.”