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From my Heart to Yours ~ Guidance Sessions, Meditations, Personal Activations, Courses, Uplifting Art and more, all inspired and created to help you on your Spiritual Journey

Sacred Offerings

white rose

Intuitive Guidance Session - NEW

A safe, light-filled supportive space (Zoom / phone) for you to explore whatever is happening for you

painting bushes

Personalised Quantum Art and Mandalas

Co-created in the most highest light, love and joy, the energy is painted in layers and coded with Light Language
key and rose

Personalised Activation & Healing

A channelled energy healing just for you, with a Personalised Audio Meditation for you to download

“I have just received my healing meditation”

My heart is full of love and gratitude for the gift you have just given me Petra.

It was the most beautiful, sublime experience from start to finish. I have never before received a meditation made just for me. It made me smile. It brought tears to my eyes and filled me with so much love.

Your voice is the voice of an angel. Your energy and support was perfect for me. The information you brought through resonated on so many levels. Everything you said. Not one thing felt out of alignment.

This truly is a gift from God. Thank you so much.


“Loving All I AM” E-Guide

A Guide to Self-Love, Self-Worth and Self-Belief – Comes as a 41 page PDF colour download. Watch the video to find out more about the simple steps you can take towards a more loving and fulfilling life.


“Loving All I AM” ~ E-Guide

If you are ready to go deep within and heal…

Petra is an amazing light worker and healer who comes totally from the heart centre… able to channel healing and information that is specific to each individual. The work is neither a quick fix nor a sticking plaster over a wound, it goes much deeper than that – to the root of the issue, to face it and heal once and for all. If you are ready and prepared to go deep within and heal, then I cannot recommend Petra highly enough. It is a joy to be held in her safe, loving embrace.


Relax now… with this free Grounding Meditation

Grounding can assist you in centring yourself. Other benefits of grounding can be feelings of calm, peacefulness and increased emotional clarity. It helps you to reconnect with the present. Grounding brings you balance and deep connection to Earth, a feeling of being held and nurtured for, it helps the nervous system and the emotional body to relax. So, yes, a very important daily exercise.

A Great Big “Thank You”

I just wanted to say a great big “Thank You” for my personalised meditation session you very kindly recorded for me.

I will listen again and try to ground afterwards next time… in fact I’m going to listen to it often, especially if I’m feeling unbalanced in any way. With your help and trusting my instincts (which are always confirmed) I’m feeling better already – so thank you again as I do feel lighter and I’m pain free at the moment which always makes me feel ten years younger!!!


Acrylic paintings on canvas – Artwork to uplift and inspire you


Feeling into the duality …
connecting ALL things


Light of Archangel Gabriel

Feeling and connecting to the cosmic angelic golden realms of love and light

Light of Archangel Gabriel


Feeling into the Divine Energies of all Light beings and Soul Star Families

Star Seeds