A few of the kind words that people have said…


Petra, I am speechless at this incredible gift that you have given. What a beautiful voice you have and such an amazing gift you have. I started crying as you reached my solar plexus. The love that comes in through this work is so incredible. What a loving, healing and beautiful container you create through the meditation. I was again so moved to tears as you brought through the message from Archangel Michael. Thank you so very much. You are a beautiful and blessed healer. My liver feels so warm with all of the healing energies.


Petra, I have finally gotten around to listening to your healing meditation. WOW, sister!!! I felt every visualisation you took me through so strongly. I struggle with a lot of meditations as I have such a lively monkey mind, but I was able to stay with all of this throughout – this is so rare for me. When I connected to my womb I immediately felt to say sorry to her. Because of my early sexual trauma.

I love you so incredibly much and I cannot thank you enough for this. So powerful. I felt so held, so loved and so much healing taking place. I am hugging you tightly right now, my beautiful, beautiful sister. What a blessing you are. Happy 11/11!

Petra is an amazing light worker and healer who comes totally from the heart centre. Her love and openness is completely authentic. Coupled with a strong connection to her guides, this means that Petra is able to channel healing and information that is specific to each individual. The work is neither a quick fix nor a sticking plaster over a wound, it goes much deeper than that – to the root of the issue, to face it and heal once and for all.

Petra did work with me a few months ago when I was really stuck and struggling to find some direction on my life path. It has had an amazing benefit, removing energy blockages and giving me clarity to move forward with real focus and momentum! The fact that the healing session was recorded was a real benefit as it is often difficult (if not impossible) to remember everything you receive during a healing session. Being able to revisit the session was tremendously powerful as I worked through the healing process.

If you are ready and prepared to go deep within and heal, then I cannot recommend Petra highly enough. It is a joy to be held in her safe, loving embrace.

I just wanted to say a great big “Thank You” for my personalised meditation session you very kindly recorded for me.

I will listen again and try to ground afterwards next time… in fact I’m going to listen to it often, especially if I’m feeling unbalanced in any way. With your help and trusting my instincts (which are always confirmed) I’m feeling better already – so thank you again as I do feel lighter and I’m pain free at the moment which always makes me feel ten years younger!!!

Wow, just wow!! You have the most beautiful, nurturing and healing voice. Like listening to a chorus of God’s angels. I feel blessed to have received such a high vibrational channelled message and can literally feel my cells still singing with joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx

Petra has an uncanny way of bringing in soft velvet light into her meditations that feel very soft and angelic.

My experience with my recording was soothing like a mothers womb taking you in and nurturing you but stern enough to empower you. The true divine energy.

I found my recording having the perfect balance with actions, light and softness. It was extremely aligned with my path and what was needed for me.

I requested a specific topic and Petra was able to deliver plus more. Her abilities out ways her service and for sure I will be using it again for deep work as well as soft reminders of my soft nature.

Thank you! The meditation Petra did for me was incredibly high vibration. She immediately put me into another realm. I asked for her assistance in opening my third eye. She also brought me the energy of support and sense of home, which is exactly what I needed. I cannot put into words how special and profound this was for me! She did cleanse and open my third eye but brought me so much more. Such a profound healing.

I had a beautiful and wonderful healing with Petra and everything resonated with my soul .. it will help me going forward to heal and honour and love myself and connect to my true journey and guides

It’s hard to articulate what occurred during my Emotional Body Healing & Alignment Process with Petra, but all I can say is that they left me feeling lighter, more positive, seen, and cared for – like a cloud had been dissolved. Her approach is so nurturing, so positive and full of humour – that I would recommend her to anyone going through a ‘tricky’ patch – she’s is an amazing hand to hold to help guide you towards a lighter, brighter side.