The Light of Origin

The Light of Origin

This painting is waking up the very blueprint you came here with, the origin of origins. We were seeded in pure love frequency, so to bring this painting to your home will reflect that vibration into your own heart and space.

Here we are working with the very seed of origin WITHIN

Energies that I received and translated into the painting:
The Dove
Inner Peace
The Journey
The Holy Grail
Eternal Flame
Mothers milk
I am The Creator frequency
Empress energy

What does this mean?

The frequency of the higher heart is here, open and ready to be embodied by many.
You will feel it in many ways. It will be reflected in symbols around you, feelings of uplifting nature, huge outbursts of love from your heart, unexplainable feelings of expansion, you will feel more fluid like rather than selective, feelings of huge compassion for yourself and others. You will feel more inclusive of all that perhaps was criticised before and not accepted.

The Holy Grail is within you – your DNA – it is the very sacred union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, the fountain of youth is within you – just disconnect from the collective consciousness of aging… this is how we plant seeds.
The kundalini energy is our birth right.
The Christ frequency is within you.
It’s all in the Love that YOU are and always have been.

So, make an intention to connect within you with all the beauty, health, wellbeing, abundance, freedom, alchemy that your soul offers to you. It is all here for you! It always had been.

The energies are incredible.

Connect within with The Light of Origin.


Original painting, acrylic, oil pastels and 24ct golden leaf on canvas.


90cm x 120cm



Price includes UK mainland shipping (for international orders, or for any other questions, please contact me)