Wellbeing ~ Guidance Session

Zoom / Phone call – 60-90 min

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Are you feeling little unsure on your path?

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to about it who can perhaps shine a bit more light on our problem and offer guidance. There are many wounds of which we all carry, and those suppressed wounds become emotions which then affect our lives. The more emotions we release, the more space is then created for the NEW, lighter prospective to come in.

What I offer during our session

I offer a safe, supportive space where you can share and explore whatever is happening for you. We can work through anything you feel you need help with. Together we certainly can go deeper into the layers of your beautiful soul.

I offer many different healing modalities. Below are some descriptions.

Remote Healing – I work with diamond crystal light, rose light and the rainbow rays.

Energy work

I can work with you and your energy field to clear energetic blockages and dense energies that have become stored within your field from this lifetime and previous lifetimes.

Dense energy blockages can come from a multitude of sources; they can take root from a past or current relationships; sometimes from working in negative environments, but what is really important to know, is that this also occurs from our own though patterns. Our own thoughts create that which we carry in our field.

All of it in truth is our own energy which we need to take responsibility for and transmute (transform), otherwise our own emotions that can arise from these blockages can invariably project onto others and we can find ourselves in a repetitive pattern, no matter how much we try to change in our outer world.

During our time working together, I can dissolve energetic cords that you have accumulated over time and together we will go through the session talking about how you can stay on top of this work yourself and thus placing the power of your own healing back into your hands and reminding you of what your soul already knows.

Chakra activation and balancing is a beautiful way to start looking at your energy field. In each session we go deep into each chakra and bring them back into balance, which is truly transformative work. I also have an online course whereby you can train in this powerful healing modality yourself to heal and fine-tune your energy yourself as you go at any time throughout your life.

Keeping our chakras balanced takes practice. Here I really recommend starting out by working on Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. We can have a session only on Self-Love. Self-Love and Self-Acceptance opens up a true connection to Source and living authentically keeps our chakras balanced.

As we work together, I open myself up as a pure channel to bring in very high frequency energies and light, along with guidance to bring you to a deeper understanding to the process that will change your life as you have come to know it, for the better.

You see everything really starts with the spirit. What we interact with, what we eat, what we watch or listen to… all of these factors have an effect on the spirit and then this breaks down to our emotional body where accumulated, dense energy becomes stuck if it is not cleared or transmuted.

To further deepen and seal the work we do together, I can also record a personalised meditation for you which you can listen to any time and as often as you need. I connect with your higher self and your guides for guidance and channel this in uniquely for you – there will be no other meditation like this as it is yours only, delivered directly from your very own divine guides. More information on this can be found on my website under Meditations called – ‘Personalised Activation and Healing’.

I am re-organising, activating, and moving energy. This is done during speaking and channelling in our sessions or on the recording. It is cosmic information delivered through my voice in a band of colours, visualisations, and images. It is energy healing, frequency alchemising work that is not bound by time or space and so it makes no difference whether this is listened to live or recorded. What is happening is that my voice is bringing you into the quantum now, shifting you into a higher vibrational state. This work puts you on a new timeline and it opens up a brand new and more optimal spectrum of opportunities.

Different oracle sets and tarot cards are often a part of my sessions for further guidance and so is the healing energy of my personal crystals.

This is a 60-90min Zoom / Phone call session. Your choice.

I am UK based so be aware of time differences when booking.


Much Love

Petra xxx