The Red Spiral – Healing the Root Chakra

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The ROOT chakra affects most things in our life… decisions, beliefs, behaviours, perceptions… basically the root of everything.

When we start working in this centre our whole centre channel starts changing. Everything is connected and works simultaneously in all centres but when we start clearing the root it is like clearing the core. Everything gets affected.

Root is narrowed by fear. The survival instinct kicks in and our choices are restricted where the victim consciousness, fear and lack comes in to interfere.

Would you like to learn how to further clear and expand the Red Root Centre?

In this course you will receive:

  • An Activation Audio (36min) – to invite further opening in your energy centre
  • A Healing Audio (40min) – to invite healing for the emotional blocks there
  • An e-Guide to Self Love
  • The Red Spiral (Root) info PDF and A Welcome Letter
  • A Method for Healing PDF

Working through the materials and listening to the audios, this course will assist you in seeing more clearly the cycles and patterns that you have carried with you throughout your life and how, by healing them, you can uncover your unique talents and gifts for you to shine far greater than ever before – far more than you can yet imagine!

You will also be able to identify areas where you are stuck and learn how to transform the blocks which are standing in your way. You will seek your own empowerment within and learn how to embrace this in your daily life.

In this brand new course I’m so excited to share techniques that I have learned and also developed myself, which has helped me in my own spiritual, healing journey. When we start healing our emotional body, we open up for an expansion in health, relationships, work, love or other areas that may start flowing in. It is a truly beautiful process. Yes, it requires deep emotional work – but it is worth every minute. It can be an absolutely beautiful and transformational process that will remain with you a lifetime.

My intention is to stay in the flow and offer teachings on the Embodiment of UNITY Consciousness.

These techniques have helped me tremendously, and I cannot wait to share my courses with you!

You can choose between purchasing the course contents on their own, or the course content plus an additional 1-1 online session with me.

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Much Love

Petra xxx

What people have said about the Red Spiral Course

Interestingly your course has led me to consciously sending out frequency pulses. Root to heart to right side of brain then pulse release. Your course has been nothing short of actually indispensable at this time, soooo much came through your healing and meditations to help me in the now.

Claire Harris

Listening to Petra’s words whilst explaining the Hologram of emotions really triggered a release within me. As silent tears began to fall, wave upon wave of unconditional love came rolling in and around me.

I saw the Golden God Frequency within me rolling out to the Golden God Frequency in others which ignited small flames of love within each other’s hearts. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of both seen and unseen love being fully revealed. There is something about being in my Root that is rapidly changing my path forward. Especially the emergence of Lady Nada to a more prominent guide for me, I really want to see where this leads me whilst in my red spiral. Different levels of light and learning too. The impact it’s having upon my son learning from me is astounding, like a ripple effect.

Susan White

Dear Petra

In regards to the red spiral. I loved the sessions and the 3 steps you build The awareness and the intent for focussing on our Red chakra. This power of intent and preparations makes the healing more powerful, and with such gentleness embracing this with care.

After each session a lot of release was going on in dreams and body. Which was quite much thinking that I was able to release so much and realise that much must be healed. The las session was healing the soul, the physical. After weeks and months passed by I feel the root is soooo important because it strength radiate through all the other chakras.

Sincerely much love and hugs

Thanks you so much

K. Z.

Petra’s Red Spiral is more than a course, it is like a beautiful journey to help heal and clear the energy within the core of our being. I found it to be so helpful and comprehensive, it helped me to create stronger connections with the spiritual realms and connect to the root of myself.

Having had the honour to work with Petra I can honestly say she is the kindest, sweetest and most generous soul, who brings through powerful loving frequencies. Whether you choose to work with Petra 1:1 or in a group, she gives 100% of her loving presence and energy. She directs the energy to where it needs to rebalance, transform and heal.

I highly recommend sessions with Petra she is a powerful healer and activator for both physical, emotional and soul wellbeing.