‘The Iridescent Light’ Transmission

Audio Meditation

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A beautiful connection to spirit and further opening of my crown chakra, I have received and been offered to record this beautiful journey. The guidance from the Divine Mother herself and Spirit has enabled me to deliver this blessing to all of you who feel the resonance.

This is my first recording offered in this way. My intention is for you to receive this beautiful golden wave of light with love and blessings & for the highest good of your mind, body, spirit and soul. You can listen as many times as you like as the story will deepen each time.

This is high energy work. Everyone receives it differently. You may feel very tired or energised. You may undergo a detoxification of emotions. Drink lots of water and go gently. If you feel very lightheaded earth yourself afterwards by going into the heart of Mother Earth to feel rooted.

The light available to us is always there, waiting.

If you have any questions, please email me.

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Much Love

Petra xxx