Personalised Quantum Art and Mandalas

Acrylic Painting

painting bushes

This Quantum Technology is co-created in the most highest light, love and joy.

The energy is painted in layers of paint and coded with Light Language from the 9th dimension and above, beautifully landing in the 3rd in a physical painting with messages and colours.

24 carat golden leaves are gently brushed within the painting.

The connection between the higher mind and the higher heart is allowing these paintings to come through to serve your energy in the highest good for all.

Many ascended masters, planets and star systems come through to co-create your art piece.

Paintings are created in Harmony and Unity frequency.

Try to see the living miracle in every molecule. Open your heart to receive and enjoy.

You can meditate upon the painting or just feel into its colours, shapes and codes. Let your guidance take over. Let the energy and the light from the painting raise your vibrations and the vibrations of your home. Place the painting wherever you feel is best for you. It holds very high frequencies which will unfold gently into your field over many years.

If you would like, it’s possible to have a 15 min consultation with Petra to connect before your painting is created.

“When I paint your painting I create it with a feeling. A feeling which is guided by my higher heart. It becomes alive with stories and images and senses; it becomes life with dimensions realised.

Working with colours, with light and light codes is something I truly love indeed. Sometimes I paint in silence and sometimes a beautiful music is joining me along with Mantras and Affirmations. I share the Rays of the Rose Light with your painting and I place crystals around it.

It is a truly beautiful process.”


Choose from the following options:

  • You can add a Personalised Channelled Meditation recorded by Petra (there is an additional cost for this).
  • You can choose from a variety of sizes for your paining, or if you would prefer, custom sizes are available.
  • Paintings can be supplied framed or unframed, and we use environmentally friendly packaging materials whenever possible.
  • You’ll find full details and prices in my online shop…

Much Love

Petra xxx