Personalised Energy Activation through ART

Acrylic Painting

painting bushes

With your name in mind, I meditate and receive colours and images which I then paint for you using acrylic paints on canvas.

These paintings are full of light, full of love and they are created from the higher heart frequency. Harmony frequency. I channel the rays through my higher self where my guides connect to your higher self and your guides. Each painting comes with a personilised channeled mantra.

You can meditate upon the painting or just feel into its colours. Let your guidance take over. Let the energy and the light from the painting to raise your vibrations or the vibrations of your home. Allow the trust in the process. Place the painting wherever you feel is best for you. It holds high frequencies of love and light.

Working with colours, with light and light codes is something I truly love indeed.

When I paint your painting, a beautiful music is also joining me along with Mantras and Affirmations. At the end, the painting is charged with the Rays of the Rose Light. It takes 2-3 days to dry and whilst it is drying, I place crystals around it. It is a truly beautiful process.

Sizes and shapes vary between 30cm-60cm, square or rectangular shape.


Includes P&P in the UK

On purchasing please message me with your details.

Much Love

Petra xxx