Personalised Activation & Healing

Personalised Recorded Meditation

key and rose

This comes as an audio recording which is sent to your email to download. The time varies depending on the guidance.

As we know and understand that everything is energy, we also know and understand that we can move energy around. Re-organise. Activate. Shape.

Re-organising, activating and moving energy is something we can all do. Some people can do this work now, some people will be able to do this work later.

Moving stagnant energy is very important for our body. This stuck energy usually consists of our old stuck emotions. You see, when we pretend that there is no problem, and we push our feelings deep down suppressing them further it will show up somewhere else. Usually, as some discomfort or pain or even a dis-ease. This energy ball, as you can imagine, wants our attention and actually is bringing us further expansion.

What do you gain from this?

You walk away with the activation of your 3rd eye transducer and a complete connection to your central channel with cosmically coded energy field to walk the highest potential on your new timeline.

Whilst I connect to your Higher Self, to the Archangels, the Christ Consciousness (the Divine Feminine) my energy field and my higher self is doing a lot of work. I have a very potent (strong) energy field and very evolved higher-self container. This allows me to channel the information in and prioritise your energy field with the best potentials for you.

I am re-organising, activating and moving energy. This is done during speaking and channelling the meditation. It is a cosmic information delivered through my voice in a band of colours, visualizations and images.

What is happening is that my voice is bringing you into the quantum now.

Shifting you into a higher vibrational state.

This work puts you on a new timeline. It opens up a new spectrum of opportunities.

What that means is not everything gets easy. It means that we will start paying attention to something that we have not seen before or there is a part of us emotionally that springs up or there is a pain in our body that has to come up to guide us onto a new path.

It’s important to understand that the stuck emotion isn’t from one thing but we can move it along.

New timelines are not necessarily without a challenge. New timelines are new consciousness. That means that sometimes things spring up that we need to receive. They simply guide us to our next moment, path and healing.

After you have done the meditation we then let the energies to unfold whichever way they need unfolding and then get together later and discuss what changed, what you are noticing and how you are generally doing. I offer you here a deeper understanding of the process you are going through.

We will get together for 30 minutes. This is free and needs to be booked within a month after the meditation.

Trust the process allow the energies to integrate into your aura. If you fall asleep during the audio then a healing took place and again all is as it should be. You may listen as many times as you like. I am sure you will be beautifully guided by your higher self as to how often you need to listen.

If tears come up please allow this to come through as healing is taking place and you will feel much better and lighter. The energies are moving.

This is high energy work. Everyone receives it differently. You may feel very tired or energised. You may undergo a detoxification of emotions. Drink lots of water and go gently. If you feel very lightheaded earth yourself afterwards by going into the heart of Mother Earth to feel rooted.

I would also invite you to journal everything what happens afterwards in a diary so we can chat about it

Much Love

Petra xxx