“Loving All I AM” ~ Guidance Session

Zoom / Phone call – 60-90min

white rose

This Session Simultaneously Connects Self-Love, Self-Worth and Self-Belief.

“Uncover the beauty and worthiness you carry within”

We are so busy to please others and help others yet not having enough compassion and time for ourselves.

This is a beautiful session learning how to appreciate yourself and your gifts which you bring to this world.

After you book and purchase the session, I will send you a complimentary copy of the colourful 41 page e-guide I have created to help you with this process. Please Start working with the guide prior to our session, questions are very welcome.

(Please note I will kindly ask you not to forward the e-guide to friends and family, but rather pass on the link below where a purchase can be made by the person who desires to work with it. Thank you. https://sellfy.com/petradutton/guidebook)

This is a 60-90min Zoom / Phone call session. Your choice.

I am UK based so be aware of time differences when booking.


Much Love

Petra xxx