Golden Lotus Distance Healing Ceremony

Personalised Written Meditation

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This is a beautiful ceremony I really very much enjoy providing. I love working with energy, with frequency and Light. This energy work is very deep. It creates an energetical waves which go beyond this earth plane. By working on yourself, healing yourself you are doing an amazing job helping the whole collective consciousness to ascend further.

How is this done? Healing is sent energetically to you, all you have to do is accept it. I create a sacred space in my home or garden. I let my higher self and my guides lead the way. I use my Lemurian crystal and my crystal skull called Demitri (that’s the name he gave me :-)) along with plants, animals, crystals or guides who will come forward for you.

I will let you know in writing who came through for you and the whole journey.

I work with the Christ Consciousness – the Divine Feminine and the Archangel realms. Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael and Metatron are the main guides I work with.

We together transmute back to Light the energy which is ready to move in your energy field.

The healing comes to me as a channelled energetic visualisation. It takes me through a journey, a process of healing and transmuting your energy back to Light.

Once it is done, I send it over your way in a golden-white light.

I will let you know by email that I have finished the ceremony and all you have to say is that you accept. Your higher self will take over and gently will help to integrate it within you.

You can read the information, the healing process in the email I will send to you afterward but know that it is done.

It is all very safe and beautifully orchestrated for you. Remember this is an energy work for the highest good of all so if something springs up, it’s ok. The healing is taking place and the energy is moving forward. All is well. Sometimes it takes time. That’s of course ok as well. All happens in divine timing.

This is high energy work. Everyone receives it differently. You may feel very tired or energised. You may undergo a detoxification of emotions. Drink lots of water and go gently. If you feel very lightheaded earth yourself afterwards by going into the heart of Mother Earth to feel rooted.

Much Love

Petra xxx