Emotional Body Healing & Alignment Process

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Cosmic meditation

Emotional Body Healing & Alignment Process (Chakra Balancing Course) – 7 Sessions

We will be working through all your energy centres activating, healing & aligning with New Earth energies, working with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, releasing stuck emotions and uncovering more of who you came here to Be. You will be learning about self-love, symbolism and how to interpret these symbols, reflection, healing, sound, forgiveness, control, and lots, lots more…

I have found that people enjoyed having 2-3 weeks in between sessions for integration time and journaling. Sessions include an energy transmission to activate your centre. This comes as a visualisation which takes any time between 20-30min and the rest of the hour we talk about anything that is happening for you and anything you need help with. We work with the topics through your day to day life so you can really grasp the soul lessons and put them into practice.

By the end of this course, you will start seeing more clearly the cycles and patterns that you have carried with you throughout your life and how by healing them, you can uncover your unique talents and gifts for you to shine far greater than ever before – far more than you can yet imagine! You will also be able to identify areas where you are stuck and how to remove the blocks which are standing in your way. You will find the empowerment within and use it on a daily basis.

When we start healing our emotional body, the abundance in health, relationships, work, love, and many other areas will start flowing in. It is a truly beautiful process. Yes, deep emotional work – but worth every minute. It is an absolutely beautiful & transformational process and one that will remain with you a lifetime.

After you book and purchase the course, I will send you the Free e-guide I have created for this process. It will help you to start feeling into the topics described above and bring the teachings of Self-Love deeper into your awareness.

(Please note I will kindly ask you not to forward the e-guide to friends and family, but rather pass on the link below where a purchase can be made by the person who desires to work with it. Thank you. https://sellfy.com/petradutton/workbook-loving-all-i-am/)

£989 for 7 sessions plus the guidebook

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Much Love

Petra xxx