Affirmation & Guidance Cards

44 Cards & Free ‘Surprise’ Activated Crystal Bracelet

affirmation cards

43 Affirmation and Guidance cards – from my heart to yours

Each one of the 43 cards is here to guide you on your path. Take time with each card and feel into the words.

  • Confirmation cards give some gentle and beautiful instant guidance
  • Some cards help you tune in to the whispers of your soul
  • If there is any action to take the guidance is there too
  • Activation cards invoke healing within you

The messages came through my spirit, higher self, my heart & many guides who orchestrated this creation with most love and light.

Also, included is a free ‘surprise’ activated crystal bracelet to bring you joyful & uplifting experience of the crystal & the rose energies.

I hold each and every box in my hands charging it with beautiful healing Rose Light Reiki.

My intention is to teach humanity how to send and receive information to and from their heart & how important it is to start with ourselves as we all are the assets to the collective ascension.

Much Love

Petra xxx