From my Heart to yours; Guidance Sessions, Meditations, Personal Activations, Courses and more, all inspired and created to help you on your Spiritual Journey

Wellbeing ~ Guidance Session

I offer a safe, supportive space where you can share and explore whatever is happening for you.
Zoom / Phone call – 60-90 min

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“Loving All I AM” ~ Guidance Session

This Session Simultaneously Connects Self -Love, Self-Worth and Self-Belief.
Zoom / Phone call – 60-90min

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Personalised Activation & Healing

A channelled energy healing just for you, with a Personalised Audio Meditation for you to download.

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Golden Lotus Distance Healing Ceremony

Personalised Written Meditation

A channelled energetic visualisation with a Personalised Written Meditation

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‘The Iridescent Light’ Transmission

Audio Meditation

A divine Audio Meditation taking you on a beautiful journey into Spirit

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Native American Tribes Light Transmission

Audio Meditation

Join me in this gentle transmission to send light to the Native American Tribes

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Emotional Body Healing & Alignment Process

A 7 session online course for activating, healing & aligning all your energy centres

Cosmic meditation

“Loving All I AM”

A Guide to Self-Love, Self-Worth and Self-Belief


Affirmation &
Guidance Cards

44 Cards & Free ‘Surprise’ Activated Crystal Bracelet

affirmation cards