Joy & The Dancing Feather

Joy & The Dancing Feather – Quantum Art

This painting has been co-created to help you to bring more joy and creativity in your life. It is focused on the sacral chakra of the body to awaken and shed any limiting beliefs that stand in your way to shine your light.

The Dancing Feather was a name of a very beautiful native shaman whose last words were ‘Keep it Simple’. I felt the presence of these words during the time I was painting.

The Light Language and the layers of the colour rays are bringing ‘acceptance’ to your heart, home and family. Finding the peace within where all possibilities can be found and experienced.

Acceptance through Joy & Dance and any other way that you love practicing acceptance.

May this art piece bring you many Blessings.


Original painting, acrylic and 24ct golden leaf on canvas.


80cm x 60cm



Price includes UK mainland shipping (for international orders, or for any other questions, please contact me)