From the Illusion to the Seer

From the Illusion to the Seer

This painting is currently being utilised to assist in expansion in Dorset – you may find it in a beautiful Rock & Rose Temple and Conkers Earth School –

This painting will assist you in gently dissolving the illusions of the veil. It brings empowerment to all the cells, helping in clear vision, aligning with the highest potential.
All about releasing poison and toxins from our waters and blood!

No one can mess up what is meant to be other than create the illusion that we have no power over it ourselves!

Energies that I received and translated into the painting:
Green Ray
AA Rafael
Healing through Movement
Keys (engraving in the new)
Nervous system remedy
Masculine movement through feminine nurture
Tree – wood element – liver – anger – green colour
Water – emotions … ancestor’s memories in the DNA
Black panther is joined by the white tiger. All accepted. Golden childbirth. Trinity.

Deeper realisation of the inside of us – thought patterns, food and water everything that we put in and on our body. What affects us from the outside… tv, music, stories, beliefs, definitions, pictures, magazines, gaming, media, plastic, clothes… everything is energy…

Dissolving envy – lack of love for the self.


Original painting, acrylic and oil pastels on canvas.


100 cm x 120 cm



Price includes UK mainland shipping (for international orders, or for any other questions, please contact me)