Divine Light

Divine Light

This painting will bring out the imbalance within and gently assist in transcending it into a very beautiful and new part of you that has been patiently waiting. The time is now.

This beautiful co-creation I have experienced over the past few weeks with Seraphim Angels and many more energies of the higher heart. Very powerful and transformative journey for me.

It started with profound Seraphim white light energies, opal crystal and the beautiful swirling divine feminine came in to whisper their message…Then the black ray, the black rose came in with the transformation from coal to diamond where Isis was overlooking the light transmission. St. Germane and Mary Magdalene with the purple flame joined later with the gold and mount Shasta with the blues… going really deep into emotion and cells in the body.


Original painting, acrylic, lapis lazuli powder, opal powder and 24ct golden leaf on canvas.


150 cm x 120 cm



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